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1 - 250 Horsepower Air Compressors for Sale

What is an air compressor?

An air compressor is one of the most widely used technologies in the world and can be found in any application that requires power. A simple definition of an air compressor is a machine that takes ambient air in the local environment and discharges it at a higher pressure. An electric motor or gas engine turns a pump that compresses the air and sends it through a storage tank, filtration and dryer systems, and into production.
Air compressors come in many styles and sizes. Rotary screw, piston, scroll, and oil free are the most common air compressors and each has unique features for different applications. Browse our selection of competitively priced air compressors and decide what size, style, and power requirements you need for your application.
If you have questions please call 877-929-7250, message via FB, or e-mail us and an expert will be able to answer your questions and help you choose the right air compressor. If you do not see a compressor in our online store for your application please call PAC. We offer numerous brands and products and they are not all available in PAC's e-commerce store.

Air compressors are used for...

- personal home/garage applications...inflation, workshops, hobby, and cleaning.
- medical and dental applications...generally they are oil free machines.
- industrial applications...farming, manufacturing, and food processing.
- efficiencies, safety, and increased power when compared to other forms of energy.
- increased cost savings when using options such as variable speed drives.
- their versatility...oil vs. oil free, stationary vs. portable, electric vs. gas, tank vs. base, with many other combinations and features.
- uninterrupted performance if maintained with OEM parts during recommended service intervals.
- their simplicity to service with support centers and technicians available around the world to provide maintenance.