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1 - 25 Horsepower Piston Air Compressors

What is a piston air compressor?

Piston Air Compressor BreakdownA piston air compressor is the oldest compressed air technology and can be found in auto shops, construction sites, homes, medical offices, farms and many other processes and applications. Piston technology uses positive displacement to produce compressed air through a system of valves and pistons, much like a car. Cylinders pull air in through a valve disc that opens downward and then closes as the piston moves upward. The compressed air is then passed to an aftercooler, tank, water separator, coalescing filters, and dryer. Dryers and filters remove most of the oil, water, and other contaminants from the air, usually down to 2-5 ppm.

Why purchase a piston air compressor?

- lower costs initially but higher over time than rotary screw technology.
- ideal for applications that require low duty cycle and running hours.
- Emax piston machines are as quiet as screw technology and offer similar savings with variable speed.
- piston technology is well understood due to its simplicity and age, making service easy.
- relatively easy to move the machine to the application.
- higher pressures and voltages than rotary screw.
- years of service with proper maintenance.